GE Brightspeed 16-Slice Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner

Learn more about CT or Cat Scan

A CT scan is a valuable diagnostic medical exam that combines x-rays and computers and are often called Cat Scans. A CT scan gives the radiologist a non-invasive way to see inside you body. Using a computer, these images can be presented as 3-D pictures for in depth clinical evaluations.

A Brightspeed CT exam is an excellent tool for helping your doctor get the specific information needed to make a well-informed, accurate diagnosis and provide you with the very best care.

Reasons for a Computed Tomography(CT)exam

CT exams are performed when someone is sick or injured, or when a physician needs more information to make you better.

The new 16-slice CT scanner provides the larger city imaging capabilities to our rural communities. This state-of-the art technology delivers images that physicians need to make an accurate diagnosis, along with lowered radiation dose to improve patient safety. It also provides vastly improved image quality and image speed and enhances the overall diagnostic confidence in all studies.

What should you expect when getting a CT scan?

Our goal at Wilson Medical Center is to provide the best possible medical care for you and your family. A CT technologist will escort you to the CT scanning room, where you will see a table and a large, doughnut-shaped device called a gantry. The specific details of your examiniation will be explained by a CT technologist. The technologist will have you lie down on the padded table and make sure you are comfortable.

As the CT is performed you will be asked to lie very still during the scan. The technologist may ask you to hold your breath for a short time to minimize any body movement. You may notice the table moving while images are being taken at certain locations of your body. The technologist will monitor you during the entire exam.

The actual scan will only take a few minutes but the entire exam will take approximately 45 minutes, depending on the specific exam.