WMC Foundation Fundraising efforts for Digital Mammography unit continues

Breast cancer affects one in eight women,according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Many of us know someone, a mother, sister, friend, who has had it. It is the second-leading cancer killer of women in the United States, next to lung cancer. Thanks to screening, breast cancer often can be found early, when the chance of successful treatment is best. In fact, many women are even cured of the disease.

What is the best method of detecting breast cancer as early as possible?

The most effective way to detect breast cancer early is a high-quality mammogram plus a clinical breast exam by your doctor. Finding breast cancer early greatly improves a woman's chances for successful treatment.

That is why today, Wilson Medical Center is committed to bringing this service to Neodesha and surrounding communities. As part of the strategic planning for the next three years, employees, physicians, and community members and leaders were interviewed and it was found that everyone felt digital mammography was needed at WMC. The hospital listened and today is in the process of raising funds for digital mammography.

The cost of a digital mammography unit is approximately $300,000. The Board of Trustees and the Foundation Board support this effort. The Foundation has been asked to help with the purchase of the mammography unit by raising $150,000.

Several in our community have already given to this initiative through donations or pledge donations. The WMC Auxiliary pledged $15,000 to the Foundation and has actively been doing fundraisers to complete their promise. At the February meeting of the Auxiliary, they presented Dennis Shelby, CEO, a check for $5,000 that was the last payment toward their pledge.

Wilson Medical Center Foundation is also pleased to announce that the John "Bill" Reece Trust has pledged a matching donation toward the digital mammography campaign; for every two dollars donated, the trust will match one dollar, up to $50,000.

The Foundation, as of today, has raised $67,000 toward digital mammography. "To reach the fundraising goal, the Foundation needs to raise another $33,000," stated Janice Reese, WMC Foundation Director. "With the generous match of the Reece Trust, the $33,000 would complete the $150,000 needed."

If you would like to donate to the digital mammography campaign, please send your donation to WMC Foundation, Digital Mammography Campaign, PO Box 360, Neodesha, Kansas 66757 or go on-line to www.wilsonmedical.org.