WMC Ranks High in

Customer Service Surveys

WMC inpatients, along with 554,699 inpatients from 1,219 hospitals nationwide, have been rating their care in the Press-Ganey Customer Service Survey. Questions ranged from the courtesy of persons in admission, physicians, the skill of their nurses, their food, to staff attitude toward visitors and comfort during testing. How did we rank? WMC ranked higher than 99% of hospitals nation-wide and 96% higher than other hospitals in Kansas.

ER patients and outpatients were also surveyed. 412,373 outpatients in 653 hospitals rated their care. WMC ranked higher than 82% of all hospitals and 64% higher than other hospitals in Kansas. In Emergency Rooms, 340,000 patients rated their care in 956 Emergency Rooms and WMC ranked higher than 99% of all hospitals and 71% of all Kansas hospitals.
In addition to providing statistical data, Press-Ganey recognizes many hospitals are facing the same difficult issues and provides answers to "What are other hospitals doing to improve this area of their services? " WMC employees are celebrating their successes, but are also looking at ways to improve customer service.