Wilson Medical Center Receives Ten Service Breakthrough Awards
Wilson Medical Center (WMC) received ten service excellence breakthrough awards at the Healthcare Service Excellence Conference held recently in Las Vegas. WMC employees have made a commitment to provide excellent service to our patients, families, and community. The Service Breakthrough Awards recognize Excellence in Patient Satisfaction and Patient Experience. The awards are based upon improvement and achievement during the third quarter comparison for 2012 and 2013 in each HCAHPS Domain.
Six platinum awards were received for achieving at least ten percentage points higher than the national average top score (based on survey vendor database). They are: Communication with Nurses accomplished 10.8 percentage points higher; Communication with Doctors was 15.6 points; Response of Hospital staff achieved 10 points; Hospital Environment - Cleanliness points topped at 14.5 percent; Hospital Environment - Quietness made significant strides with 27.2 percentage points; and Recommendation of the Hospital received high marks of 17.6 percentage points.
The diamond achievement award, which must show at least five percentage points higher than the national average top score (based on survey vendor database), was awarded for Discharge Information with an increase of 6.7 percent.
The emerald achievement award was received for improvement in pain management over the national top score.
The patient experience improvement gold award Wilson Medical Center received was for quietness of hospital environment with an improvement of 37.4 percent.
The patient experience improvement bronze award was received with 6.4 percent points on communication of nurses to patient.
Service Excellence for everyone is important. Thank you for participating in our patient experience surveys. This helps us improve and continue to provide you with excellent service.
The Healthcare Service Excellence Conference also announced their Pinnacle Achiever finalist and Summit Award winners. Marge Guhr, Nuclear Medicine Tech, was one of the Pinnacle finalists in the nation for the Exceptional Employee award. Get Fit!/Physical Therapy was DO-IT Improvement of the Year Pinnacle finalist and received the highest national honor of the Summit Award for their Adopt-a-Child program.