New Location for Cardiology Clinic

By Billie Porter
Community Relations Director
Wilson Medical Center

If you happen to be in Get Fit! Wellness Center on the third Thursday morning of the month, you'll notice the staff is different….and the main event is Dr. Roger Evan's Cardiology Clinic, not Physical Therapy. Neodesha is one of the rural towns fortunate to have a cardiologist coming to the patients….not our patients traveling to the Wichita Cardiology Clinic.

To provide this great customer service, the Dr. Evan's staff of five or more leaves Wichita-actually the Augusta Airport-at 7:30 am and arrives back at the airport 11 or 12 hours later. Dr. Evans is the pilot and currently flies/owns a Cessna Conquest Turbo Prop which he lands at the Independence Airport. In addition to Neodesha and Independence, Dr. Evans flies to Liberal, Ulysses, Phillipsburg, Great Bend, Mead and Buffalo, Oklahoma. Wilson Medical Center provides transportation to Neodesha, an area to hold the clinic and Karolyn Schultz, RN assists with any local needs-like ordering lab work or contacting patients.

How did Dr. Evan's group end up at Get Fit!? When Generations reopened on the Hospital's third floor, no area was left unoccupied. Hospital Administrator Deanna Pittman surveyed Hospital property and decided Get Fit! could work. PT agreed to vacate their area for the Clinic and use that time for Hospital Patients, Generation's Patients and Home Health Patients.

The Senior Center generously allows patients use their facility as a waiting room. A waiting area is important because Dr. Evan's traveling team frequently sees 35-50 patients a day. In Neodesha, the staff sees both referrals from other health care providers and self-referrals.

This traveling Cardiology Clinic works because everything is electronic-medical charts, EKG's, and all reports. The Cardiology Group travels with five computers and a phone to do telephone pace maker checks and integrations-adjustments, check battery lives, check memory and the history of arrhythmias to see what happened. In Independence, they can change pace maker batteries.

In addition to willingness to travel to them, Dr. Evans' patients appreciate his kind, generous nature. The day I was taking this photo, he was giving out CD's to his patients, "The Remnant' by Revive. Previously he had been giving out a book "The Fruit of Her Hands" but was out of them. It is a type of calendar and daily planner encouraging good habits and focusing on important things in life.

I heard him explain to one couple, "This CD is the type of music your children might enjoy." An insert in the Christian record has a paragraph called "The Story"…
Dec. 31, 2001 A long day on call. A cold night. Almost didn't go. Group of inner-city churches, New Year's Eve service. A worship team putting their hearts into their own music. A desire to "cut a CD honoring the Lord" out of reach for limited means. The Lord prompted us to ask, "Have you ever considered…." At that moment in time two prayers crossed paths, theirs to serve the Lord in song, ours to use God's money wisely. This CD is the result. Roger and Carolyn Evans.

The writer and producer of the album, includes a "Special acknowledgment" to Roger and Carolyn Evans. "I don't have enough words to express my gratitude and thanks for what you have done to support this project and ministry. You are what 'The Remnant' is all about -less of us and more of Him! Thanks for being the church. And thank you for giving us the opportunity to not just make this record but to make it excellently! He is worthy!!! My hope is that as this record honors the Lord, we also honor the both of you."

Shon Flores

Since I have received a CD earlier, I asked one of his staff about how many he had given away. She said boxes and boxes…thousands. I wasn't sure if she was joking….but somehow I suspect the Evans commitment to the project and their beliefs are that extensive. And I understood the comment by one of his patients that he felt good that Dr. Evans was an excellent cardiologist but he probably could be counted on to provide prayers too!