Charity Care Program

Wilson Medical Center defines "Charity Care" as, inpatient and outpatient medical treatment services for uninsured or underinsured patients who cannot afford to pay for the care according to established hospital guidelines. Charity care does not include bad debt, but may include insurance co-payments, deductibles or both.

The determination of full or partial Charity Care will be based on the patient's ability to pay and will not be abridged on the basis of age, sex, race, creed, disability, sexual orientation or national origin.

Confidentiality of information and preservation of individual dignity shall be maintained for all who seek charitable services. No information obtained in the patient's Charity Care application may be released unless the patient gives express permission for such release.

The hospital has designated the Patient Account Manager as the individual who coordinates outreach efforts, oversee Charity Care practices, and processes the Charity Care applications.

An application (known as the Financial Responsibility Statement) will be used by patients to apply for Charity Care from the hospital. Patients who do not have insurance may qualify for Charity Care based on their monthly or annual income and their family size. Patients having insurance may also be eligible for Charity Care for the portion of their bill that is not covered by insurance, including deductibles, coinsurance, and non-covered services.

The hospital Patient Account Manager shall send anyone who request assistance with paying bill, a letter explaining the application process and an application form.

A letter and application may be sent, at any time to, patient and/ or guarantor at the discretion of the Patient Account Manager, Patient Financial Services Director, or The Chief Financial Officer.

To qualify for Charity Care the Financial Responsibility Statement must be filled out completely with proof of financial information requested on application. The Patient's household income and number in household are compared to the Federal poverty guidelines, to determine if the patient qualifies for charity write off or the reduced monthly payment program.

The Financial Responsibility Statement requires proof of financial information. Patients may provide copies of pay stubs for the past 3 months for all employed household members, or a copy of last year's federal income tax return with all attachments for all household members that filed. Any other income information must be provided such as a benefit letter or copy of a check from the payer. If applications are received without proof of finances, a letter will be sent requesting this information, before Charity Application will be processed.

Application will be processed by Patient Account Manager and officially approved by Chief Financial Officer.

If patient qualifies for Charity Care they will be notified verbally or by letter of the type of assistance they qualify for. Patient and/or guarantor are responsible for the first $50 if granted assistance of any type.

If patient does not qualify they will be notified verbally or by letter.