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Fitness Olympics Winners

Not everyone was "glued to the tube" and relaxing in their recliners while the Olympics were taking place in Athens. During that 2 week period, eleven teams were competing in the Fitness Olympics competition in Neodesha at Get Fit! Wellness Center. Medals were presented to following teams:

Gold-Team Canada---Casey Lair and Mike Pierce

Silver-Team Greece-Lynn Overlin and Jeff Cheshier

Bronze-Team Italy-Pat Porter and Dan Bramhall.

Each team was assigned a country and a team name through a drawing. How were the winners determined? Members received points for various cardio, free and machine weight workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Participates were also given mental challenges three days a week. Points were given for correct answers to question such as:

In what US towns have the Summer Olympics been held? (Atlanta, Los Angeles, and St. Louis)

What year was beach volleyball introduced? (1996)

In 1968, the Mexico City Olympic Games were known as the Cardiac Games? True or False and why (True. Participants hadn't trained at the high altitude.)

Fitness Coordinators Brandy Daniels and Derrick Payne, have a new game, The 1000 Minute Club, starting September 7. Participating members will record their actual daily exercise minutes and need to accumulate 1000 minutes by October 8. All members completing 1000 minutes within the time frame will receive a prize.