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                                                       Neodesha's Medical Scholarship Application

Students who wish to pursue, or who are presently pursuing, a program directly related to health care - such as medical imaging, physical or occupational therapy, licensed practical nurse or registered nurse - are eligible to apply.
The Foundation also encourages students interested in other medical fields - such as health information, nutrition, certified medical assistant (CMA), social work, emergency medical technician (EMT) and other related fields - to apply.

To be eligible for funds, scholarship applicants are required to submit a letter of acceptance - or a copy of an application - to any accredited medical program and have plans to return to the Neodesha area or Wilson Medical Center. Investment in our students has been highly successful and a great resource for employees.

Wilson Medical Center has given over $15,000 in scholarships. The Foundation administrates the scholarships from the following families and groups: the Hinrichs Family, Jessie and William Post, Ruth Stephens Memorial, Eunice Swartzleonard and Rachel and Russel Vickers Nursing.

               Scholarship applications are available at Wilson Medical Center, 2600 Ottawa Road, Neodesha, KS. As an alternative, you can call the Foundation Office at 620-325-8396. The application submission period is closed until April, 2020.

                                                            For your convenience, we will copy and submit your application for the following Scholarships.

                                                                                                                                                                The Hinrichs Family Scholarship
                                                                                                                                                                Jessie and William Post Scholarship
                                                                                                                                                                Ruth Stephens Memorial Scholarship Trust
                                                                                                                                                                Eunice Swartzleonard Scholarship
                                                                                                                                                                Rachel & Russell Vickers Nursing Scholarship


Address____________________________________ SS#_________________

Phone [Day]_____________________ [Evening]______________________

High School attended____________________________________________
Year of graduation________________

Post secondary school attended__________________________________

Year of graduation______________________________________________

Name and location of school you will be attending


Field of Study__________________________________________________

Have you applied for this program? ______ Been accepted? _______

Are you currently taking classes? ________ Start date? _________

Expected Graduation date _____________ Degree _________________

How many hours will you enroll in? Fall semester_______________

Spring semester_________________ Summer semester _____________

We understand this will not completely fund your schooling. How do you plan to fund the rest of your education?





Are there any extenuating financial considerations that should be considered by the committee?




On a separate sheet of paper, briefly answer the following:

1. Describe your future plans in the healthcare field, including how you intend to use your knowledge in the Wilson Medical Center Network.

2. List your previous work experience. Include employer

name and address, dates of employment and a brief description of your duties and responsibilities.

List any volunteer activities in which you have participated that improved healthcare


What civic organizations are you a member of, or list civic contributions you have made to your community___________________

________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

Please provide supporting documentation:
High school and/or college transcripts.

Evidence you have applied to or have been accepted in an accredited healthcare program.

Provide names of 3 references-not family, and please Include name, address, and phone number..




Please include a local name, address and telephone number (a family member or friend) who can serve as a long-term contact


                                                                 Wilson Medical Center Foundation Scholarship Application Submissions Closed until April 1, 2020.

Application deadline will be May 15, 2020
Wilson Medical Center Foundation Office
P.O. Box 360
Neodesha, KS 66757