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Sample Soup and Help the Hospital Next Monday

Want a tasty lunch and a chance to help a worthy cause? Participate in the "Taste of Neodesha" on Monday, October 4 and assist the Wilson Medical Center Foundation in obtaining a needed pharmacy cart. The event will take place between 11:00 am and 1:30 pm at the United Methodist Church. The $6 tickets are available at WMC, Porter Drug and Get Fit! Wellness Center or can be purchased at the door.
Twenty-five different specialty soups are being prepared by some of the best chefs in the region. Providing the savory delights this year are Adriana Moorhead, Barbara Waggoner, Betty Holiday, Billie Porter, D'Ann Adams, Joan Martin, Joann Houchin, Julie Bacon, Julie Lair, Karolyn Schultz, Linda Berry, Linda Forsythe, Madeline Koehn, Martha Hefley, Mary Barrett, Mina Olson, Pauline Huneycutt, Robin Chilcott, Rochelle Chronister, Sandy Shields, Sherri Gann, Susan Gutschenritter, Shirley Harkness and WMC Dietary. This is the third year some of the Taste of Neodesha chefs have made soup. This fall Susan Gutschenritter is making a Tex-Mex Cheesy Chicken Chowder. She has tweaked the recipe a little so it's flavorful but not too spicy. The prize winning recipe was featured as a Tail Gate Soup in a magazine and uses several convenience foods among the ingredients-- frozen diced hash brown potatoes and a pack of country gravy mix.
Soup selections this year have a variety of meats besides hamburger and chicken-- venison in Julie Lair's Venison Vegetable Soup, Kielbasa sausage in Mina Olson's Portuguese Soup, Italian sausage in Joan Martin's Italian Sausage Bean Soup and ham in Betty Holiday's Bean Soup.
Prefer vegetarian soups? Sherri Gann's China Chowder Soup, Madeline Koehn's Idaho Chili, and 4B's Old Fashioned Cream of Tomato Soup by Shirley Harkness will be to your liking..
Definitely not vegetarian are soups like D'Ann Adams Just Chili, Glorious Mess ( A Sweet Chili) by Mary Barrett, Julie Bacon's Mingo's Chicken Stew and Martha Hefley's Crockpot Burger and Bean Soup.
Several soups contain convenience ingredients to decrease preparation time and can be ready for supper after working all day. Barb Waggoner's Beef Vegetable Soup is both quick and delicious. Among the ingredients are frozen cubed hash brown potatoes, frozen mixed vegetables and packed onion soup mix.
Some soups come with a great story. At the end of Joann Houchin's Cabbage/Bologna recipe is this information: "This is a soup that came down to me from my Mother. My family was a large family, consisting of our parents, nine children and a bachelor Uncle. We had very little money, but certainly had an abundance of love! Mother never owned a recipe book; she made her own recipes out of the ingredients that she had to work with. Everyone looked forward to when we sat down to this soup, although the name doesn't sound that good. I mentioned this to Billie Porter and she laughed and said that it sounds like HARD TIMES SOUP. This title seems appropriate but all I've ever called it is Cabbage/Bologna Soup. I never measure the ingredients, but if you like some things better than something else, just add a little more of the one you like. I hope you enjoy this as much as my family does. It's easy and more importantly-it's cheap. Tastes a lot like vegetable soup."
Some soups are new-at least to most cooks. Pauline Huneycutt's Beefy Black-eyed Pea Soup could be served on a cold winter day or as she notes, " In many southern households, New Year's Day just isn't complete without serving black-eyed peas to bring them luck. If you follow this tradition, you'll enjoy this recipe." She credits Southern Living for the recipe. Chicken Pot Pie Soup recipe is being shared by Robin Chilcott-and contains all the traditional ingredients for chicken pie including a crumbled baked pie shell, although the pie shell is optional.
The recipes for this year are included in the 2004 soup cookbook which will sell for two dollars. Ticket includes sampling of three soups, dessert and drinks. The desserts are being provided by twenty-eight of Wilson Medical Center employees.