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A smiling nurse is bandaging a wounded foot
A smiling nurse is bandaging a wounded foot

Wilson Medical Regional Wound and Hyperbaric Medicine Center Shares Facts You Should Know about Wounds

The time may come when you or a loved one is experiencing a severe wound or sore that is not healing quickly or properly. Sometimes these wounds happen as a result of an accident, or sometimes they occur due to an infection caused by diabetes or another disease or illness.

How can our Wound Care Center help?

Our Center offers a level of care that is not normally found in your physician's office because the Center offers state of the art, specialized equipment that allows them to collaborate with your provider to obtain the ideal results in the healing of your wound(s). Our Center specializes in wound care which means the entire focus of their staff is to promote the healing of wounds and to educate you on the care and prevention of future wounds and sores.

When it comes to wound care, did you know:

1. Time does NOT heal all wounds - When a wound is not healing properly and progressively, a professional evaluation and prompt treatment can tremendously increase the success of healing.

2. Inflammation (redness and swelling) can be a necessary part of wound healing, but professional evaluation is needed if it persists. Though inflammation can cause healing to slow or even completely halt, experienced care can assist in controlling and resolving complications.

3. Most of us were instructed by our parents to clean a wound with soap. However, soaps can do more harm than good because they do not provide the conditions to encourage healing due to their high pH-value.

4. Contrary to popular belief, keeping a wound uncovered and exposed to the dry, open air to "breath" is NOT recommended. Your skin produces a healing agent to rebuild new skin cells, and these grow better in a bandaged, moist -but not wet- environment.

The Wound Center partners with you on your road to healing.

Wilson Medical Regional Wound and Hyperbaric Medicine Center has specialized in wound care for 19 years and counting. They focus on treating non-healing and frequently recurring wounds, and in determining why your wound is not healing. Their team offers commitment and compassion as they journey with you on your road to healing. When you or your loved ones need health care, isn't it wonderful to find high quality professional and personal care so close to home?!

If you or your provider wishes to schedule an appointment, please call the Wound Center at 620-325-8393.