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Dr. Friedman to hold Clinic in Neodesha

If you've had an occasion to spend time at Wilson Medical Center in Neodesha since last April, you've noticed a new surgeon in the halls at least one day a week- Amir Friedman, MD. And starting Thursday, September 30, he will hold outpatient clinic at our Hospital. His specialty is Obstetrics and Gynecology.

His educational background is impressive. His undergraduate work was completed at The University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida. He graduated from Medical School at Mount Sinai in New York, New York. Dr. Friedman completed his internship and residency at Bridgeport Hospital-Yale University School of Medicine in Connecticut. He has been a member of the Kansas Medical Society and the American Medical Association since 1999.

What kind of patients will he see in his clinic at WMC on Thursday afternoons? A variety of patients including gynecological patients who currently are his patients, new patients having gynecological problems, second opinions, referrals from general practitioners and post-surgical patients. All obstetrical patients will be seen at his office in Independence where he has needed equipment including equipment to perform sonograms.

What does he like about Neodesha and Wilson Medical Center? "Your friendly nature. I appreciate you're naturally honest. You work together. You're caring. It is so different than New York. It's just a great community and I'm enjoying being part of it."

What do his patients like about him? Several patients mentioned his good communication and listening skills. Another comment was he is very knowledgeable and is able to explain complex problems in laymen's terms. One commented he was able to work hand-in-hand with the physician who had referred her and she appreciated that.

It has been a goal of our office and nursing staff to make his patients feel welcome and make their paperwork as effortless as possible. The Customer Service Surveys we have received show this has been successful. Comments include: "I think your staff is exceptional. They are always cheerful and helpful." "Great handling of paper work! I was admitted from Dr. Friedman's office right into the hospital room. I give you a 5 for that!" "I was VERY!! IMPRESSED with how well my pain was managed! My pain level never became unbearable. I couldn't have asked for better treatment." "My family was very impressed with every aspect of my care and your hospital."

Julie Nichol, RN, who "recovers" WMC surgical patients said they have enjoyed Dr. Friedman's patients and noted, "It's always nice to meet new people and help them with their surgeries. We've not had a lot of gynecological patients and we're enjoying the new challenges."

Dr. Friedman's family includes his wife, Virginia, who is an attorney, son David (7 years) and daughter Gabriella (6 years.) As far as hobbies and outside interests, "I'm not very interesting. I practice medicine, enjoy my family and read a lot." And what does he read? He laughed and admitted, "Mostly medical journals. I told you I wasn't very interesting."