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Neodesha Neighbors Program Presented to WMC Employees

Jetta Osburn, Neodesha Police Officer, explained to employees at Wilson Medical Center about the "Neodesha Neighbors" Program at two different sessions on Wednesday, July 14. Neodesha Neighbors is a Neighborhood Watch Program designed to protect our neighborhoods by enlisting the cooperation of neighbors to become educated about crime prevention and know each other. By working together to become aware of potential danger signs and respond to them, a neighborhood can develop an advantageous system for everyone.

Often people hesitate to call for fear of seeming "a nosy neighbor" or simply are not observant of suspicious activities. Officer Osburn explained to combat the ever- growing drug problem in our community, people need to know the warning signs of drug activity and to assist law enforcement officers by communicating when they notice something suspicious. She said, "Drug dealers look for locations in neighborhoods where neighbors do not communicate and isolate themselves. Our police department wants to be called when anything seems 'out of place' for your neighborhood. Often suspicious situations can have innocent explanations, but the authorities would rather investigate a possible crime situation than be called after the fact-when it might be too late. Because of legal restrictions, it may take a period of time to act on a tip."

The Neighborhood Watch Program is designed to protect entire neighborhoods. In addition to explaining how to start a program in your neighborhood, Officer Osburn gave WMC employees a housewatch form where suspicious cars and individuals can be recorded. She also handed out brochures on making property secure including sliding patio doors, windows, and garages.

Neodesha Neighbors is a joint venture of Neodesha's Drug Task Force (City, Greenbush, 4-County Mental Health, USD 461, Housing Authority, Wilson Medical Center.) and the Neodesha Police Department. The Drug Task Force will be helping with National Night Out to be held on Tuesday, August 3 at the Swimming Pool Park.